Netflix DNS

American Netflix DNS Address’s can be used if you have a subscription and / or  are temporarily out of the country. – These require you to have a paid subscription to Netflix.

**WARNING** Use of these DNS Address’s is at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damages that may occur. Nor do I have any control over the content being provided. Some hackers use DNS numbers as a Honeypot attack for stealing personal information. There is no method for checking these address’s for such an attack, proceed at your own risk.

Any address in the following list’s containing “” simply add the first number to both primary and secondary DNS.

November 2016

For more information on setting your DNS numbers Click Here.

Many plugins for browsers such as MediaHint, and Proxmate are no longer functioning due to Netflix blocking proxy connections to the service.

Configuring a VPN through a paid service is currently the only method around the current block. We will keep you updated.

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