Stop ErrorSTOP 0x0000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

Cause – This stop error is normally caused by faulty or incompatible
hardware or software. The name of the problematic device driver often appears in the error message.


Step 1 – Boot into Safe Mode.

Step 2 – Go to Control Panel > Device Manager.

Step 3 – Check to see if there may be a device with a Yellow Artisk beside the name.

Step 4 – If so Right + Click the device and click properties.

Step 5 – Then click the resources tab.

Step 6 – Check the IRQ range, if you see a red Symbol next to it change the range until the symbol disappears. Then Reboot.

(Note – If you do not see a Red Symbol next to the IRQ but are seeing the yellow artisk, delete the driver as it is most likely incompatible with the device. Then Reboot.)

If none of the above apply or fail to work, and you are still continuing to have the same problem then using 3rd party software called BlueScreenView will help in determining which device is faulty so it can be replaced. This software can be easily accessed in a Safe Mode environment.

(Note – You need to have administrative rights to use the software.)